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We are grateful for local media sources supporting our vision and mission. 

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May 2024
by Eliza Bellingham

"Naturopathic doctor Casey Carr hosts three farm-to-table dinners to encourage rooted thinking about food as medicine."

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Edible Inland PNW
June 2024
Sydney Fluker

' “A lot of farm-to-table dinners, it’s all about the food, but where’s the farmer behind all of this?” Dr. Casey says. Food as Farmacy aims to mend that gap.' 

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Natural Wellness Magazine
June 2024

"Not every calorie is created equal in terms of potency of nutritional impact. A carrot that is grown in nutrient poor, pesticide-laden soil vs mineral-rich, composted soil does not equilibrate to the same end product. While it may look the same on the outside, the nutrient profile, taste and long-term health effects can be wildly different."

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