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Food As Farmacy

 A Farm-to-Table experience that aims to connect people with their food and with the people who grow it in the Inland Pacific Northwest. 

The goal: getting you closer to your own local Farmacy to enrich your health and wellbeing.



A Naturopathic Doctor With A Mission.

Casey Carr is a practicing primary care physician in North Idaho with a mission to bring people closer to their food source and the people who grow it. She earned a four-year undergraduate degree in Nutritional Sciences with pre-medical course work from Cornell University. Casey maintains that she learned more about how real food, grown close to home, impacts health from her internship on an organic farm in Tuscany, Italy immediately following college. She has been on a journey since to better understand food sourcing for optimal health - including the soil and the people that it comes from.

In a mission to try and bring the patients she serves and the larger population to quality, local food, she is pairing with local farms who are passionate about their trades to do just that. We hope you join us for an event this summer - or maybe all three. 

About Our Summer 2024 Events.

We are offering three curated experiences for Summer 2024 to the Inland Pacific Northwest. Each event brings a little bit of a different flare to fit just about any food palate or budget. Whether you choose the family-friendly ranch night, learn to make your own chèvre goat cheese or experience an upscale family-style dinner under the stars of Sandpoint, there's an experience for everyone. Each event includes a tour of the farm from the farmer to better understand their processes and a meal with ingredients fresh from the farm - it may just be the best meal of your entire summer season. We are excited to bring such a diverse offering to the Inland PNW, and we think it is an accurate portrait of the diverse food and farmers that the area has to offer. 

List of Events

June 01, 2024

Quillisascut Farm

Rice, WA

Join expert goat cheese crafter, Lora Lea Misterly, to learn how to make a beautiful soft goat cheese log (chevre) - and yes, you can take it home. An abudant late Spring lunch will also be served with produce from the farm. 

June 29, 2024

Castle. Rock Ranch

Kingston, ID

Bring the whole family to this beautiful ranch along the Coeur d'Alene River for likely the best burger of your life. Ranchers Albert and Jordan will teach you what it means to use regenerative agriculture practices. and how they raise their cattle to produce premium beef.

July 13, 2024

Genesis Mountain Farm

Sandpoint, ID

As a large-scale aquaponic greenhouse and just about every farm animal imaginable, Erik and Nicole will be offering a dreamy dinner under the stars. First, learn how to make your own salumi from experienced chef Seamus Platt, who will also be preparing a dinner to remember under the midsummer sky. 


Frequently Asked Questions

I have food allergies. Can events be accomodated? 

If you have a severe allergy, we cannot guarantee that any of the kitchens will be able to adhere to strict cross-contamination of a variety of ingredients. We also will not know set menu until the days leading up to the event based on seasonality, making it difficult to predict what potential allergens could be.

I have dietary preferences or restrictions (ie, gluten-free, dairy-free). Will this be a problem?

While we think most meals will be flexible with a family-style serving component so you can build your own plate, we will not be able to accommodate dietary restrictions beyond that separation of components of the meal. 

I am no longer able to attend. Can I receive a refund?

Tickets are non-refundable upon purchase. They can be transferred to another person, but refunds will not be issued for any event.

Will further details be shared about appropriate dress, parking, etc? 

Can I bring my family?

We love families and getting young ones to know where their food is coming from at a young age. Due to logistics of our Quillisascut and Genesis events, there is a 16 years and older requirement. All ages are welcomed at our Castle Rock Ranch night.

Yes, all ticket purchasers will receive an email leading up to the event about specific event details.

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